Thursday, September 21, 2023
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How do you like the Blue Jays' Playoffs chances?
Fair to midling.
They're a lock for a wildcard spot.
Nope, not this year.
I'd give 'em better odds than Tampa.
Watch out, Orioles!
I don't follow baseball.

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Super Cup Teams, Schedule for Saturday, April 8 at McCormick
Posted By: uuhadood
Friday, April 7, 2023

TORONTO - Here are the team rosters for this weekend's Super Cup Tournament. The game schedule is below.


Curtis Belchoir, Dave Bennet, Ted Bisaillion, Shawn Devlin, Jonathan Dickson (G), Steve Flick, Craig Hughson, John Marshall (GM), Jon Munro, Jimmy Sioukas, John Sioukas, Jon Weier, Ben Wilcox, Nick Wilcox.


Dean Bentley (G), Glynn Broughton (G), Dominic Chartier, Cam Collyer, Henry Collyer, Sam Collyer, Lars Dyrszka, Rodney Merchant, Hugo Purdon, Nick Purdon, Jacob Sutherns, Nathan Sutherns, Oliver Sutherns (GM), Mario Vella, Seth Wayne.

Big Stars

Dave Bennett (G), Brian Bentley, Joe Bourrie, Mike Cerny, Adam Fell, Lee Finch, Jim Frolick (GM), Nic Frolick, Jeff Kuchma, Sean Morrison, Scott Pettus, Adam Steffler, Colter Steffler, Cody Symes.

Screamin Jays

Herbie Barnes, Chris Brown, Charlie Campbell (G), Andrew Chud, Richard Clarkin, Leo Clarkin, Marc Couture, Sean Cullen, Jeff Kassel, Steve Levine, Chuck Molgat (GM), Courtney Stevens, Oliver Vesley, Tim Vesely.


1:00 pm - Rebellion vs. Impulse!

1:45 pm - Screamin Jays vs. Big Stars


2:35 pm - Impulse! vs. Screamin Jays

3:20 pm - Big Stars vs. Rebellion


4:10 pm Impulse! vs. Big Stars

4:55 pm Rebellion vs. Screamin Jays


5:45 pm  Championship Final (abbreviated length TBD)

7:00 pm Awards Ceremony at Steadfast Brewing Co.

 League Leaders

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Big Stick
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